Thursday, 3 March 2016

Poetry Blog Tour Celebration

21 March 2016 is World Poetry Day and 2016 is also The School Magazine's 100 Year Anniversary!

I'm taking part in fellow poet Jackie Hosking's 'blog tour' of Australian Children's Poets who have work published in The School Magazine.

My piece, 'Drummer on the Roof', appeared in The School Magazine - Countdown Issue no.7, August 2013.

Drummer on the Roof

Clouds cluster, thunder rumbles
Clouds muster, raindrops tumble
Ping, patter, ring, ding, clatter
Sudden syncopated splatter

Matt Ottley's illustration for my poem makes me want to stay cosy and dry inside!

Rain on a tin roof creates the most amazing sound!  This is how I would have illustrated my poem:

To view the other wonderful poets taking part in the blog tour, including of course Jackie herself, visit Jackie's great site:  Pass It On.  The diversity in both poetry and accompanying illustrations is inspiring.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Yvonne. I love your poem, especially the line: 'Sudden syncopated splatter.' Happy World Poetry Day!